Monday, December 12, 2005

Halal school meal provision

Another press release from Plaid Cymru, more of a release of a letter, actually. Been sat on it for a few days but was reminded listening to Primetime (yes, Primetime, the Saga radio station for the over fifties) where it came up on the national news. Also on the BBC, Muslim pupils given food apology.
Hugh Knight
Chief Schools Officer
Room 317c
County Hall

Dear Mr Knight


It has been brought to my attention by the parents of Muslim school children of Mount Stuart Primary School, that yesterday the School served the Muslim children pork sausages, etc (non-halal meat), which is completely forbidden by their religion.

I believe Mount Stuart Primary School was the first school to introduce halal school meals for children. The Muslim communities in the Butetown, Grangetown and Riverside areas are very upset after hearing of this incident.

Would you please investigate this matter as soon as possible and make sure that Muslim school children are not served any more pork (non halal food) in future.

I would appreciate your comments on this matter.

Yours sincerely



At 10:45 pm, Blogger Frances said...

I've developed a policy on press releases: to just post them in their entirety. In my ideal world politicians wouldn't have to put out press releases, they'd just release it themselves on a blog or directly to their constituents so it doesn't have be filtered through the media. So there will be no filtering here. If I get to read the full thing I don't see why everyone else shouldn't.

At 9:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not wanting to be difficult, but why is this story on here, considering the school's in Cardiff South and Cllr. Islam's ward is in Cardiff West...? I'm not saying it's not important - but there's not a Cardiff Central link!

At 9:24 am, Blogger Frances said...

I think goings on at the council affect everyone in Cardiff - something Cllr Islam obviously agrees with by taking action outside his ward. I'm happy to have the blog take on a wider Cardiff scope at the local level.

At 12:33 pm, Blogger TheWellfunnyman said...

This is also true of Global Warming.
If we wait for the effects to come to our "ward" then we have failed. If we learn from the mistakes of others and act effectively then it need never affect our "ward".
Most of the world is not taking Global Warming seriously because they have yet to see serious effects on their area. Those islands that have seen the sea rise, those people that have seen cliffs erode faster...they fully appreciate global effects.

I think if a piece of news bares relevance to the community then it needs to be told.

At 8:27 pm, Anonymous Thervis said...

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